Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our First CSA...It's What Food Should Taste Like.

CSA boxes filled with Spring Veggies including the most delicious Mikola Butterhead Lettuce

What a big day for our farm and family! Last Wednesday we harvested a variety of vegetables for our members including some turnips, radishes, a couple salad heads, kale, and some asian greens to start. We are filling these boxes for ten weeks and we are so excited to share all this delicious food!  I am including a newsletter each week as well to keep everyone up to date with what is going on on the farm.  And there is always something going on on the farm!

I promise we didn't put this radish in the box.  These are what we use instead of sticks for Diogee to fetch.

Father and Daughter harvesting for first CSA

Rainbow Chard

Look at those colors! Too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Matt filling CSA boxes

We couldn't even close the boxes there were so many veggies in there!

Matt has been dreaming of this day for so long I had to take pictures for our memory books.  He has worked so hard and we both have been through so much just to get here and now that we are semi-settled into our house it's time to farm.  Starting from scratch is so hard but I believe it's the way it was supposed to be for us.  It makes us appreciate all the little things most people take for granted.  Like just waking up and going to check the plants in the greenhouse instead of driving back and forth each day.  Or waking up in the middle of the night to make sure the deer aren't feasting on our crops.  I think what will be the best thing is for our CSA members to see our work in constant progress with the hopes that they will be a physical part of the farm as well.  This way they can see their work and support of this farm grow!

We also survived the first tropical storm of the season last weekend which just so happened to be Mother's Day weekend and it rained non stop for two whole days.  We went to check on the field which by the way had quite a bit of water but the plants are just as healthy and hearty.  We came across a painted turtle which I had never seen before, on the way out to the vegetables.  The biodiversity on this farm is so wide, I'm so blessed to meet all these creatures for the first time with Juniper.  I didn't get to grow up with these animals and plants, and I am so glad I can show our daughter this way of life.
Thanks for reading our blog and feel free to drop us a line or two if you have any questions!
Steph and Matt

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