Monday, April 14, 2014

Green Is My Favorite Color

Spring has sprung and so have the plants! Almost everything is in bloom and ready for the birds and bees to do their jobs.  And our job as farmers is well under way too.  The markets have begun and we have been getting some deliciousness from the greenhouse.  Our salad heads are ready for harvest and the radishes are perfect for those of you who enjoy a good radish sandwich.  We also have some tasty arugula and asian greens including pac choy and mibuna.

Mibuna in our greenhouse

This past weekend we have cleared out all of our transplants from the greenhouse to our new land and I bet we planted a full acre of vegetables! I have personally never seen so many tomato plants in real life; Matt keeps saying to me 'get ready to stay up until midnight canning'.  This is our busiest time of year, although we are transplanting we will go right back and re-seed everything for another succession.  All while still harvesting for markets, we are moving into our new home.  For those of you who know us best, we have been nomadic farmers for the last 4 months and the challenges have been testing yet rewarding still.

Like Father, Like Son

We have gained a few new friendships that have proven to be very inspirational.  In a world where we seem to have lost focus on what is really important in life, it is refreshing to know there are still some good people that care and respect each other.  We appreciate the prayers, positive thoughts and support from those of you that know us.  Lessons learned are very empowering and we won't let you guys down.  Matt has been reading a book about small scale grain production and we have adopted the author's statement that  "in the world we must live in from now on, to produce our own food is the beginning of independence.  To accept that responsibility is the first step toward real freedom."
This sums it all up.  We feel that we are here to teach people how to eat differently and think differently about the food they are eating.  It all starts here. In your own community. Start a garden!