Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From the Winter Doldrums to Spring Fever

Ahhh spring is finally in the air! The birds are singing and........... the dog is barking.  Juniper and I saw a bunny rabbit the other day hop across the path while we were walking out to the field and I just knew these winter storms have to be coming to an end.

Bella, Juniper and Luke with the "Winter Blues"

Bella, Juniper and I during the only snow here in NC 2015

Well, our CSA signups have officially kicked off and our plants are vibrant and waiting to be transplanted.  Everything looks great and I guess I should introduce some of our produce this spring.  We have a variety of Salad Heads such as Romaine Lettuces, Bibb Lettuces, and some Red Leaf Lettuces. Also there are several heirloom varieties of Cabbages, Broccolis, Asian Greens, Rainbow Chard and Onions.  Yesterday we finished planting our tomato sprouts and pepper sprouts are also coming up!  Oh and I can't forget the Kale, three different varieties to be exact.

Boy it's been a long winter, I'm so excited to get some fresh greens in my body.  We have officially exhausted our canned tomatoes and peppers that I worked so diligently on last summer.  Not bad for March, however we do plan to double, maybe triple that this year! Our goal is to eventually say 'If we don't grow it, we don't eat it!'  Except for fruits and some staple items obviously.  Buying produce at the store is really difficult for us. We are not purests by any means but we do try to practice what we preach. We believe you are what you eat and eating good food that is good for you keeps you healthy, happy and strong all the days long! Just look at Juniper's belly! She is still a vegan baby except for mama's milk haha. 

I am officially the market manager this year woohoo!!!!! Matt has promoted me and also given me the new job of maintaining the greenhouse. " Ha! I say, with a 20 month old?" So we bought a sand turtle and with a little help from big sister and brother we can work this farm like a family ought to! We are super excited to start our first CSA this season and we plan to give our customers the best of what we've got! We will also be giving ourselves a box each week to ensure not only quality but quantity is of value to everyone that is involved. That means we will be eating exactly what you (our members) will be eating each week with the exception of our staple items and condiments which I will share in weekly recipes to share ideas with our produce.

15 Varieties of Tomatoes.... Yummy

We plant each tomato plant individually in these trays to grow strong and healthy

 I hope everyone that reads this is ready for spring, wherever you are in the world. I wish I would have got a picture of that bunny rabbit because it was picture perfect for Easter but Juniper and I will have to keep that picture in our heads for years to come:)

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