Sunday, March 2, 2014

Great Expectations

It's official. Farming season is here. Well it's always farming season on The Farm, however we are celebrating our first official year on our new found family land.  During the month of February we have been working in the greenhouse starting our seed selection for the spring and seeding out vegetables to get ready for the upcoming local farmer's markets.

Before I get into the laborious yet wonderful life we live, let me introduce our farm and how we got here. Matt and I both come from different worlds you see, we came together at this particular time in life to do what we feel is one of the most important things to be doing.  We believe growing fresh and nutritious food for people and their families is our purpose. Teaching what healing properties that food can have on your mind, body, and spirit is a connection that cannot be denied.

We met through our local CSA two years ago.  Matt was working for a local farmer who was the only certified organic farmer in the area. Each week one of his tasks for the farm was to deliver boxes at the co-op for paying members to pick up.  I had been one of those customers for about 4 or 5 years while educating myself on the dynamics of our food system and the importance of eating fresh, organic and local food.  For those of you who are unaware of what a CSA is, it stands for community supported agriculture and I have written a little more about this type of local exchange between farmer and community in my previous blog The Conscious Kitchen.  If you are interested in learning more, feel free to check it out.

A former marine turned farmer, Matt is now on his new mission in life which he refers to as 'sword to plow'.  He was reading agriculture books and learning about farming in Afghanistan.  He decided he wanted to change his life after he left the Marines and help heal the earth by interning with a couple different farmers and learning different techniques for our way of life.  Attending conferences and classes influenced by biodynamics and spiritual agriculture, he realizes this is a life long journey where you will never stop learning.

I on the other hand, have no expertise in farming other than taking care of small gardens, even then it has always been trial and error. After going to Atlanta to attend the Living Foods Institute I knew my job was to help people learn how to heal using the power of food.  I wasn't sure what kind of job I wanted so I taught classes here and there, trying to promote my own business The Conscious Kitchen.  My whole world revolved around cleansing and healing using food as medicine.  I took a job helping manage a little mom and pop herb shop, thinking I could have some influence with helping people.  It was the best paying job I have ever had and I miss it dearly. Now my job is my family and this farm and I never thought everything I ever dreamt of would be coming true.


Grandma Cindy and Bella in the field

Our ethics, visions and goals for this farm are similar in that we both desire the most fresh, clean and wholesome food for our bodies and the families that eat it.  We don't believe in spraying poison on our food and then eating it. That just doesn't make any sense.  This is our second year farming on our own so we are newbies however our intentions are noble.  We envision many families visiting the farm although it is a working farm, we still feel it is important for people to see where food comes from.  Our plans will unfold as we grow and the farm will evolve as it is supposed to. As of this moment we are getting ready for the farmer's markets with hopes to put a roadside stand out for the freshest food available.

These are our radishes not a google image. Yum

Feel free to check in occasionally to see how we are doing and if you have any questions or comments please write or better yet come see us at the market! Try our arugula, it's the best arugula I've ever tasted.  I could be a little biased though. 

Thanks for visiting our page!
Matt and Stephanie



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